Ian McMillan and Luke Carver Goss Visit

On Friday 26th January, the comedian and poet Ian McMillan and the musician Luke Carver Goss visited the school to perform in a special assembly. They performed for the whole of Year 7 and Year 8.

Ian started with a stand-up comedy routine (which was extraordinary) and then Luke joined in, creating music for a song that pupils took part in creating and singing vocals for. It was extremely entertaining and all of us enjoyed it greatly – especially a little musical piece that went by the name of ‘The Mystery String’.

We all got a chance to participate in singing the little tune and could not stop laughing throughout the entire 45 minutes that the hilarious guests entertained us for.

After the amazing performance Luke played the Australian instrument, a digeridoo, and Ian and Luke ran a musical and creative workshop for 30 selected pupils. This is when the pupils all collaborated and, together, they created the lyrically creative song that was all about ‘Grandad Tom’ and ‘an improvised stretcher from world war 1’!

It was a fantastic experience for all of the pupils and also great opportunity to improve creativity and have a lot of fun together!

By Lauren & Esther (year 7)