Sports premium is available for KS2 students and is intended to increase participation in sport, having a positive impact on students health and well-being. Ovingham Middle School is currently applying for Sports Mark Gold Status for the fifth year running.

We participate in all national and regional competitions and have great success. Our commitment to these events costs the school far more than recorded below. We believe however, that the impact of these competitions, and all the clubs we run, is seen in the motivation our students show and contributes to the well-rounded students we are proud that Ovingham Middle School has.

We fully utilised our Sports Premium budget in a variety of ways with additional funding (provided by overall main school finances) was also allocated to enhance the positive effects of sport with our learners.

What did we spend?

Our total budget for academic year 2018-2019  and what we allocated funds towards, is attached.   Our total number of students eligible was 172.

sports premium funding allocation 2018-19