Ovingham Middle School is committed to delivering the best possible support for anyone with special educational needs or disability.

You can see a full copy of our SEND policy below, as well as our most recent SEND Information Report.

SEND policy Sept 2019


SCHOOL NAME:                                     Ovingham Middle School
TYPE OF SCHOOL: Mainstream with specialist provision Middle School
ACCESSIBILITY: Our school is on one level, with ramps at specified fire exits, and is fully wheelchair accessible.   Two classrooms have fire exits with a small set of stairs outside.  A personal evacuation plan is in place for these exits. We have a disabled toilet (located within a fully equipped hygiene room) which is large enough to accommodate changing.  The food technology room has fully accessible and height movable equipment. In July 2014 the school was assessed for accessibility for the visually impaired and the relevant changes were made to the school buildings and external areas.  
CORE OFFER: Are you currently able to deliver your core offer consistently over all areas of your  school?Yes
POLICIES: Are the school policies available on the website for: SEN YES
Are you aware/familiar with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act 2010? YES
RANGE OF PROVISION: Please indicate what your school has to offer (over and above your core offer) in each of the following areas:
Areas of strength

Teachers have had Level 1 Autism Awareness training.

Teachers and support staff have had PDA training  (2019).

The SENDCO and two teaching assistants have had Level 2 Autism Awareness training.

All  teaching staff have had ‘Attachment’ training (refreshed October 2017).

Support staff have had ELSA training.

Staff have had training in supporting pupils with Diabetes (September 2017)

Specialist Facilities/Equipment to support SEND

In the main building there is a fully accessible hygiene room/changing room  with a disabled toilet and a shower

Access to Projectability inclusive sports training and equipment.

Input from Therapists/Advisory Teachers/other specialist support services

The school has bought into Northumberland County Councils SEND team under the new SLA which offers:

  • Educational Psychologist
  • Autistic Spectrum disorder support
  • Behaviour support
  • Literacy support
  • Speech, language and communication support
  • Education welfare officer (EWO)

We are also able to refer to:

  • School Nurse
  • Primary Mental Health
  • Children and Young people’s service (CYPS)

To support pupils with emotional difficulties.

We have access to:-

  • Visual and hearing impairment teams
  • Occupational Therapists and Physio’s who are able to provide support for pupils with a need in these areas.
Breakfast and After School support

Lunchtime homework clubs available for all year groups.

INCLUSION: How do you promote inclusion within the school? Including day and residential trips?

At OMS we strive to make lessons inclusive, making adjustments, where needed, to help pupils access the curriculum.  We aim to make activities outside of school and school residential trips inclusive and carry out risk assessments, site visits (where possible) and procedures are put in place to enable all pupils to participate.

What proportion of children currently at the school has an SEND? 13%
PARENT SUPPORT INVOLVEMENT/LIAISON: How do you involve/support the parents of children/YP with an SEND regarding and meeting their needs? How do you communicate their progress and areas of difficulty?

Children with SEND work closely with the SENDCO, Form teachers, Leaders of Learning, TA’s and external agencies.
Parents of pupils with SEND are informed of their child’s progress on a regular basis both through formal school reports and informally through discussion with TA’s, teachers and SENDCO.

Home school planners or communication books are used as a form of communication between parents, carers and teachers.
Yearly parental surveys help us inform pupil profiles.
Parents are encouraged to be involved in the setting of individual targets through meetings.

The SENDCO shares information on the child with SEND with staff through a Pupil Profile/Passport, which details areas of strength, difficulties and strategies which can be used to support the pupil.

We hold parents’ evening twice a year, provide interim reports on subjects and a written reports once a year. Parents / Carers are welcome at any time to make an appointment to see the form teacher / SENDCO.

How will school prepare children with SEND to join their next setting/college/stage of education or life?

We have a carefully planned and structured transition programmes between our feeder First Schools and the High School . We liaise with the SENDCO’s and Year 4 teachers from our feeder first schools and with the SENDCO, Student Welfare Officer and Year 9 pastoral team from Prudhoe Community High School.
Additional transition session are run for those pupils identified as having additional needs.

Parents of pupils’ with SEND are encouraged to book appointments with the SENDCO prior to transition.

OTHER INFORMATION: What else do you think parents/carers would like to know about your school?

At OMS we use or best endeavors to ensure that the necessary provision is made for pupils with SEND. We can offer the following:

  • SENDCO is a qualified teacher and is accredited with The National SENDCO Award
  • TA qualified in supporting pupils with Hearing and Visual impairments
  • TA qualified in Speech and Language difficulties in children
  • TA qualified Level 1 Sign language
  • Some TA’s trained to deliver spelling and phonics programmes
  • Some TA’s trained in BRP (Better reading partnership)
  • Key staff trained to support pupils with medical needs

OMS offers inclusive residential visits including: Dukes House wood (Year 5), Robin Wood (Year 6) French Trip (Year 7),  Cumbria Trip (Year 7/8) and a Belgium trip (Year 8)

COMPLETED BY:(Name and position) Mrs G Ridley (SENDCO)
DATE COMPLETED: 16th September 2019

If you would like to know more information surrounding our policies and approach to SEND, please don’t hesitate to contact us.