Ovingham Middle School strives to provide a stimulating and inspiring education that is open, challenging and accessible to all.

Whilst upholding British and cultural values we believe we are part of a wider world and through ‘The United Nations Rights Respecting School Award’ we work together to create responsible, independent and free thinking individuals capable of supporting and changing our communities and the world.

We place pastoral care at the heart of our unique curriculum, a curriculum that seamlessly blends KS2 and KS3 in a way a two tier model cannot.  The emphasis on pastoral care provides, we believe, support and guidance to our learners through these formative years and creates opportunities for providing extra challenge, responsibility and support.

Our school motto reflects our name but stands for more than just words.  OMS: Opportunity, Motivation and Success; By giving opportunities, academic and extra curriculum, to all our young people we will endeavor to provide the motivation, through challenge and support, to help every child succeed beyond what they believe they are capable of.

Our Aims

Aims reflect our beliefs and values, and represent our vision and what we want to achieve as a school community. Our aims are translated into priorities to move the school forward and meet the challenges of an ever changing world.

We aim to:

  • PROVIDE all our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • HELP each child to learn how to learn.
  • STIMULATE an enquiring and critical mind in each pupil.
  • PRESENT the children with a wide range of learning styles in a variety of settings and contexts, providing opportunity for each individual to recognise and develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.
  • ENCOURAGE children to accept the challenges of education in this rapidly changing world with enthusiasm and determination.
  • WORK closely with the First and High Schools in preparing children for the adult world.
  • CARE for the individual and recognise his/her worth.
  • ENCOURAGE every member of the School community to recognise and respect the needs and opinions of others.
  • RAISE the awareness of pupils about personal, social and moral issues.
  • DEVELOP children’s understanding of the world around them, their place in it and their responsibilities towards it.
  • BE as inclusive as we possibly can.

Ovingham Middle School has a Pupil Premium policy which funds all trips to enable all students to access the potential extra curricular activities and trips on offer.  As well as this we have made the following adaptations to enable our school is truly accessible to all learners.

Disability Statement

At OMS we pride ourselves in being an inclusive family. We successfully work with pupils with a range of potential barriers to learning and inclusion, from specific learning difficulties, to pupils with physical limitations. First point of contact for the family of a pupil with any issues that may cause difficulty accessing any part of the curriculum is the SENCO, Mrs Ridley.

Staff regularly receive training to raise awareness about how to support pupils with a range of difficulties. We also draw on the support of a range of external providers.

Ovingham Middle School is well designed for access, and we continue to make improvements. Our school is a single level building which immediately helps with movement in to and around the school. All of our main entrances, including pupil entrances, have ramps to give easy access to wheel chair users or pupils with physical disabilities.

Our zebra crossing from the car/bus park, footpaths and key junctions and doorways have sensory pavement tiles to support visually impaired people. We have a purpose built toilet and hygiene room for disabled users of the building, which includes a shower and a physiotherapy bed with hoist access. Pupils at OMS have a fantastic reputation for supporting those with difficulties.
As well as building on this, we celebrate what every pupil can achieve, rather than focusing on what they can not do.

Testaments from pupils and their families about opportunities provided, and data on academic progress show us that pupils with a range of difficulties have excellent access to the curriculum, and also to enjoy their learning at OMS.