The School Council meets regularly to discuss various school issues. It is closely linked to OMS being a Rights Respecting School and ensures that pupils have a voice in school decision-making.

School councillors were elected in the first two weeks of term in September, when form tutors supervised elections with their own form classes. Meetings are during lesson time once every three weeks (they are overseen by Mr Snowdon). Prior to each meeting, school councillors ask their classmates for points they would like raising in the meeting.

In each meeting one of the Year 8 records key points, which are fed back to all pupils via assemblies in the following week. Year 8 Councillors pass on anything to Mr Bennett that requires a decision being made at whole-school level. He might take a recommendation from the School Council to either a management meeting or the governors.

Dates for school council meetings (2018-2019) and list of members can be found here.

Below is a link to view the minutes of our meetings.

School council minutes Jan 2018

School council minutes Feb 2018

School council minutes Mar 2018

School council minutes Apr 2018

School council minutes July 2018

School Council minutes Sept 2018

School Council minutes Nov 2018

School Council minutes Dec 2018