Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA)

In September 2015 we launched a new scheme in school – the start of our journey towards becoming a Rights Respecting School.  In July 2017 we were successfully assessed by Unicef UK, receiving recognition as a Level One RRSA school. We are now aiming to further embed the principles of RRSA by reaching Level Two (the highest level).

Run by Unicef UK, the scheme puts children’s rights at the heart of life in participating schools across the UK. It is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The convention is universal – it is about protecting and promoting the rights of all children across the world.

Children at OMS have learnt about children’s rights, when these rights are not met, and a wide range of social issues linked to these rights. There continues to be work linked to RRSA across the curriculum. RRSA is closely linked to our promotion of global citizenship and sustainable development. We want all pupils to be aware of challenges and issues in the wider world – and how they can make a contribution to protecting children’s rights and the planet on which we all depend.  

RRSA is also about looking at ways to ensure the rights are being met for our pupils here at OMS. We are constantly promoting a culture of mutual respect – for staff, for pupils and for the environment – and the values embodied in the UNCRC. The revamped and strengthened School Council is helping ensure pupils have a voice in whole-school decisions and initiatives.  

Our School Charter provides a framework for much of what we do in school. It outlines the factors that make sure all pupils have a happy, healthy and successful time here.

For more information about the award, visit UNICEF’s website at

To visit our school council page, please follow this link  School Council

RRSA and School Council report Jan 2018