Local Governing Body Membership 12, Quorum – 5, Term of Office – 4 Years

Local Governing Body membership: 

  •  2 elected by the parents of the academy 
  •  1 member of staff elected by the staff body 
  •  The remainder nominated by the Local Governing Body for Trust Board Approval  
  •  Headteacher will attend. 

Typically, a Local Governing Body will:

  •  Set and review the ethos and direction for the academy within the framework of the Learning Trust’s Strategic Plan 
  •  Set and review the Academy Improvement Plan in line with the Learning Trust’s Strategic Plan 
  •  Act as a critical friend for the academy and the Head 
  •  Receive reports on curriculum developments, the academic performance of the academy and monitor the Academy Improvement Plan 
  •  Oversee Safeguarding at the academy 
  •  Monitor Health and Safety across the academy and contribute to the risk register as appropriate 
  •  Support the Head with a number of delegated statutory duties, e.g pupil exclusions
  •  Recommend capital improvement programmes for consideration by the Board 
  •  Engage with stakeholders (pupils, parents, staff and the community) and receive reports on their views of the academy 
  •  Build an understanding of how the academy is led and managed 
  •  Monitor whether the academy is:
      • Working within agreed policies 
      • Is meeting the agreed targets 
  •  Monitor how the academy is managing its budgets and resourcing effectively within the Trust allocated funding 
  •  Chair or representative to attend Learning Trust Strategy meetings (3 per annum) to develop planning across the Learning Trust and share school priorities, plans and achievements 
  •  Report to the Board through the cycle of scheduled meetings and activities 

As a committee of the Board, delegation can be removed at any time. Where an academy is underperforming and a concern to the Board, membership of the Governing Body will reflect the need for greater support and scrutiny. 


  •  Hold a minimum of one quorate meeting every term and provide accurate minutes to the Board 
  •  Carry out the tasks detailed in the Learning Trust Business Rhythm document
  •  Follow all Learning Trust policies and the governance Code of Conduct 
  •  At each meeting consider, communicate and manage any conflicts of interest in line with the Learning Trust policy 
  •  Develop and communicate the school ethos and values, within the overall Learning Trust ethos and values, and regularly monitor staff, student and parental engagement with them 
  •  Support and challenge the Academy Improvement Plan and other reports from the Head concerning the performance of the academy and provide an opinion to the Board on the effectiveness of school performance taking into account the views of parents, pupils, staff and the community 
  •  Support and challenge the academy budget, staffing allocation, buildings maintenance planning and other resources allocation and provide an opinion to the Board on sufficiency of resources to achieve the Academy Improvement Plan
  • Monitor and manage risks to the academy and provide an opinion to the Board on these risks 
  •  Be responsible for the appointment of all staff except for the Headteacher who are appointed by the Board in consultation with the Local Governing Body 
  •  Recommend a broad and balanced curriculum to the Board for approval 
  •  Develop the use of the academy premises by third parties in line with the Learning Trust lettings policy 

To find out more about the governance of the trust and the school please visit TCLT Scheme of Delegation

The commitment from governors:

  • 2 termly governing body meetings averaging 2 / 3 hours
  • An area of responsibility which will involve visits to the school and reports written
  • Specific issues that could involve a series of connected meetings of a confidential nature e.g. capability/disciplinary/complaint
  • Willingness to undertake induction and other specific training as required

The role of Governor can be hugely rewarding in terms of the impact that they can have on the outcomes for children as well as the opportunity to learn and develop new skills that can be of benefit beyond the school community.

Governor record of attendance 2018-19

Governing Body Details

David Riley

For the past 4 years, I have acted as a governor at Wylam First School, before taking on the role of Chair at OMS.  I have a daughter at OMS and another at PHS.  I am keen to ensure that the local governing board maintain a close relationship with the Trust Board, and that we support the school leadership.

Office Held: Chair of Governors

Term of Office: 4 years

Date Appointed: 1/9/2020

Governor Responsibilities: Chair

Declaration Details:None

Jonathan Strutt

I’m passionate about the school’s ethos and mission and am extremely impressed by the levels of commitment and professionalism demonstrated by staff and the leadership at the school, not to mention the positive impact it has on the local community. Through my commercial experience, I hope to contribute to the school’s mission, investing in the learning and development of the young people in our region. 

Office Held: Academy Governor

Term of Office: 4 Years

Date Appointed: 08/10/2019

Governor Responsibilities: Pupil Liaison / School Council, RRSA and IT systems

Declaration Details: None

Lizzie Mainwaring

I have two children at OMS and one child at BFS, who will attend OMS. I am a PTA member at both schools.
Professionally, I am a Registered Nurse in Learning Disabilities. I have recently returned to practice following a five year career break to look after my children and my current post is with CYPS (Children and Young People’s Services), as a Community Nurse.
I also run a support group locally for parents of children with Autism, SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and communication disorders.
I hope that this experience will benefit the school.

Office held: Parent Governor

Term of office: 4 years

Date appointed: 08/10/2019

Governor Responsibilities: PSHE, Safeguarding and SEN

Declarations: none

Alex Snowdon

I am Staff Governor at Ovingham Middle School. I have worked in schools since 2002 and been a qualified teacher since 2005, teaching in middle, secondary and high schools. In 2015 I joined OMS, where I teach mainly English (with some History and Geography) as well as being a Year 8 form teacher. I am Rights Respecting Schools Coordinator and oversee the School Council. I am also a school representative for the National Education Union.

Office Held: Staff Governor

Term of Office: 4 Years

Date Appointed: 08/10/2019

Declaration Details: None

Alex Baty

I was born and raised in the Tyne Valley and I have two young children, the eldest of whom is currently attending OFS. I am a chartered engineer and have worked in the aerospace industry for the last 12 years. I believe this background will enable me to make a positive contribution to the governing body.

Office Held: Parent Governor

Term of Office: 4 Years

Date Appointed: 08/10/2019

Governor Responsibilities: IT and Design Technology

Declaration Details: None

Shona McCreedy

I joined the Governors at OMS as a co-opted Governor in the 2018/19 academic year; I have two daughters currently at OMS  I had worked in education funding for the SFA and ESFA for 11 years before moving on to Northumberland College as a contracts and compliance manager Working at the college has given me an insight to the higher level issues and problems that the education sector faces.  Therefore, I decided to become a governor to support the school through the ever-changing world of education and funding.

From what I have seen of the school and through talking to my daughter and her friends OMS is a friendly and welcoming school, with supportive and passionate teachers.

Office Held: Parent Governor

Term of Office: 4 Years

Date Appointed: 08/10/2019

Governor Responsibilities: History and Geography

Declaration Details: None


Contact Details

Our Governors can be contacted using the below email addresses

Chair of Governors  – [email protected]