OMS Music Evening 2020

Calling all instrumentalists and singers,whether you are staff or pupils!

Each year we usually have a Music Evening towards the end of this term and this year we would like to do the same.

If you play an instrument (or instruments) and/or you sing, we would like you to send us a video of you playing or singing something that you would like to share with us.You can send us more than one video if you have more than one musical talent you would like to share with us.

Your videos need to be with us by Friday 3rd July so that we have time to put them all together. Please submit via the ‘OMS Noticeboard’ classroom in school360 or by emailing

We are really looking forward to hearing from you!

Year 6 speeches

As part of year 6 Humanities we have been looking at Winston Churchill’s WW2 addresses to the nation. Class 6.1 decided to write their own speeches to the NHS and Key workers. Thank you to Olivia and Leah for allowing us to share their speech with everyone. đŸ‘đŸ€©

Olivia’s speech
Leah’s speech

Music update

While we are unable to deliver music sessions in person, here are some resources you can share with your students, whether they are currently in or out of school.
Please see the attached Musical Mondays sheet on the theme of Birthdays & Celebrations in recognition of the Queen’s Birthday.
You can also have a look at MPN Newcastle’s Around The World video/play-along here and access the supporting resources here. Children who have done whole class ukulele sessions with us may well recognise the song – Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds.

Big Sing 2020

Pupils and families from across the country are invited take part in our Virtual Big Sing 2020!

Following the success of the Big Sing in 2018 and Norfolk Music Hub’s first ‘Virtual’ Big Sing in 2019, they have partnered with Charanga, NYMAZ and artist Rebecca Osborne to bring an interactive, digital concert to every young person in the country.

They have selected a list of songs and online resources for families and school groups of all ages to rehearse using Charanga, and everyone is invited to tune in and join in for the exciting live event.

For more information, and to register for the event, click here.



Creative writing competition.

Life in Lockdown for Young People

This is your opportunity to write about your experience. Until midnight on Friday the 17th of July, you can submit a piece of writing about what life has been like in lockdown and during the coronavirus.

This could be a personal experience, a poem, or a creative story. All of you will have had a unique experience that is only yours, and only you can capture in words.

Your entry should be 700 words or under and you should submit in your age category.

Your work will then be read by a published author, who will then pick out the five best entries from your age group. These entries will then be included in a book published by John Catt Educational called ‘Generation Lockdown Writes.’

There will also be a range of other prizes for the winning entries, and a special celebratory book launch where you will have the opportunity to meet the authors.

All the money raised from the book will go to The BookTrust charity. This is an amazing charity which supports families and young people all over the UK to get involved in reading. We are hoping to raise thousands of pounds for them through the sales of the book.

Please visit the website for more information.