It’s not quite -20 but it was -7 when I pulled into the car park this morning!

If you are listening to the radio, or watching TV, and hearing of schools closing then I’m here to say that the heating is on full blast and the school will be open today. Please take care on the roads and paths as they are slippy.

We will of course keep an eye on the temperate in school.

Please make sure you child has a jumper to wear today in school as even the best heating will struggle with these temperatures.

Thank you

Mr Bennett


Thank you message from the Friends of OMS.

thank you

 “It was wonderful to welcome so many new people and have a chance to chat over coffee and some excellent home baking. That it’s an excellent opportunity to find out what is going on at school and to have a say in new projects that you would like to see happen. The next coffee morning will be in the New Year and everyone is welcome.”

Interfaith week

Last week Year 7 visited the United Hebrew Congregation Synagogue in Gosforth as part of their work on Judaism in R.E lessons. Pupils were given a tour of the synagogue including the kitchen and given a very interesting talk on how Jewish people worshipped in the synagogue as well as how they lived their daily life. Like in a traditional synagogue, the boys and girls were seated separately and the boys covered their heads out of a sign of respect. Some of the boys were allowed to try on the traditional kippah and one lucky boy even got to wear the prayer shawl, hold the Torah and open the Ark. It was a fascinating and informative insight for all pupils.

As part of Interfaith Week – November 2017, our school participated in the following activities:-

  • Visit by Tim Knight from Stocksfield Baptist Church assembly with KS2.
  • Visit by Cloud Singh from the Gurdwara assembly for KS2.
  • Visit from Maggie Perry from the Stocksfield Quakers assembly for KS3.
  • Our school kitchen served Sikh food during Interfaith Week.
  • Visit to a Mosque in Newcastle upon Tyne by Year 8.

Robinwood Day 3 – Weather update!

Good morning from Robinwood!

As you can see from the picture Robinwood has received a little snow, about 2cm. The children are of course very excited and about to make a start on the activities (Valley group start the day in the canoe pond…. brrr!).

The weather looks fine for the day and we are still looking good on our ETA of 4pm today.

We Are Open

Good Morning.

The Roads are clear and the weather looks reasonable for the rest of the day so please plan for a ‘normal’ school day.

We have not been informed of any Bus cancellations but will contact parents if we are informed.

After a quick drive around this morning the road from Wylam is clear, as is the Ovington and Stocksfield routes in.  The Bridge is okay and the major motorways are also clear.

Please take care on the footpaths as it’s beginning to ice up a little.

Drive Safe.

Wrap up warm!

Robinwood Day 2!

After a peaceful night and hearty breakfast we began our day’s activities. With Lake group breaking the ice on the canoe pond, Valley group braving the Piranha Pool and Stream group whizzing through the tree tops on the zip wire, the children continued to impress us all with their team work, communication and enthusiasm.

Fortunately the snow has held off so far and hasn’t affected any of the sessions, with just a light dusting before bed.  The forecast for tomorrow looks good and shouldn’t impact on our journey home or our ETA of 4pm.

Apologies for the lack of pictures, this has been due to the low speeds of internet access here. We plan to upload on our return.

Bus Route Numbers

As the bus companies can change, we refer to the bus routes by their bus route number and destination to be clear with parents which bus may be cancelled, especially if there are two buses with the same destination.

Will all parents please check the number of the bus their children travel on to and from school.

We apologies for any parents that came to school to collect children from the other bus route tonight.  All parents of children on the cancelled bus were contacted directly via phone as well as the School Gateway System.

As the bus was cancelled so late, and due to the number of parents we needed to contact, we informed all contacts via the School Gateway System, so we could then begin the process of phoning parents as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your support and understanding today.

Please do fill in the form posted earlier today online so we can make sure we have the correct details onsite.

Stocksfield bus cancelled

We have just been informed the Stocksfield bus (bus number 0176) leaving tonight at 3.40 pm has been cancelled as it is stuck in snow.  We are attempting to call all parents now.  Please can you collect or arrange to collect your children.  Thank you.