Children’s International Summer Village

Huge Congratulations go to our very own Oliver, in Year 6 on being selected to got to Sweden to attend a Children’s International Summer Village this Summer, as one of only 4 representatives of the United Kingdom delegation.

CISV Villages are international camps that inspire 11-year-old children to imagine a more just and peaceful world. The first Village was held in 1951.  The children come together from many different countries to take part in a variety of educational, cultural and fun activities.

Each Village welcomes delegations from 10-12 countries. Each delegation has two boys and two girls, accompanied by an adult leader. The camp is coordinated by adult staff, supported by Junior Counsellors (age 16-17).

A Village creates a safe, fun setting in which children learn, with children from around the world, about each others’ lives and cultures and how to communicate, cooperate and live together. The Village learning experiences, and the friendships made, last a lifetime.

Oliver is currently preparing an assembly to share with everyone in advance of this exciting opportunity and we are looking forward to hearing all about his amazing experiences on his return after the Summer holiday.

Undoubtedly we can trust Oliver to be an excellent cultural ambassador and we wish him all good wishes as he embarks on this exciting venture.


UNICEF Outright project

All pupils at Ovingham Middle School have had lessons on the extremely important and relevant topic of child refugees, linked to UNICEF UK’s annual Outright project. This is a chance to learn about children’s rights, the ways in which rights are abused, and what we can do to promote children’s rights. The special focus this time has been on the problems associated with families being torn apart by displacement from their homes.
The work by our Key Stage 3 pupils included writing letters about the problems faced by child refugees and how they can be better supported. A selection of these letters were sent to Guy Opperman MP, with pupils’ thoughts on what can be done to help refugee children and their families (we are pleased to say we recently received a reply).
Key Stage 2 pupils were assisted in learning about child refugees by perhaps the most famous refugee of all: Paddington Bear. All Year 5 and Year 6 pupils had PSHE lessons which used Paddington as a way in to exploring the challenges and dangers of being displaced from your home, split up from your own family, and having to make a new life. Thank you to Miss Tyler and 5ET for their eye-catching and insightful wall display which grew out of the Outright project.
The Outright project is a vital part of our work towards becoming a Gold-level Rights Resepcting School, as recognised by UNICEF UK, and encouraging pupils to be global citizens who understand the place of children’s rights in the world and how they can promote those rights. We will be taking place in the project again next time.

Bugsy Malone

Forget Broadway, come along to Ovingham Middle School for a show-stopping performance of Alan Parker and Paul Williams’ rip-roaring musical, Bugsy Malone.  Performances are on Monday 19th March at 1.30pm and Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st at 6.00pm. With cast and crew representing all year groups, this really is an ensemble effort, which would love your support!  So, save the date, and Fat Sam looks forward to welcoming you to his Speakeasy!

School Council: a voice for OMS pupils

The school council is about us having a voice in school and helping make decisions. Every class has reps on the council. It supports us in aiming to be a Gold level Rights Respecting school. This is because it is a great example of making rights like the right to be heard and the right to express our opinions happen in our school.

So far this school year, the school council has discussed and decided on many things to make a school the best place it can be for everyone. We have two meetings every half term, the first one being a full school council meeting and the second one where we split into smaller groups (to discuss, in further detail, key points agreed at the previous meeting).

Some of the main issues discussed include: toilets, food and lunchtimes, the new library, break times, and re-doing the school charter. For example, we wanted some new equipment for break and lunchtimes so Mrs Goodwin has agreed to buy a new football and basketball per class. This is just one example, but there are others.

Recently, three school councillors fed back to the governors. This was useful because, for example, they hadn’t known about some of the things we have been talking about or doing, so it helped them learn more. We explained our own views on some things in school.

Furthermore, school councilors have stood up in assemblies to discuss the ideas that pupils have had and to report back from our meetings. We have recorded pupils’ ideas and discussed how to resolve things in our meetings. Everyone, from Year 5 up to experienced Year 8s, have had their say – and made great suggestions!  

Please visit our school council page under ‘Our School’ for more updates and information.

By Daisy, Mark, Dan and Kate (Year 8 school councilors)

Sports round up


The Year 7 boys football team traveled to Gosforth Central Middle School for their fixture in the quarter final of the county cup. The boys were missing 4 key members of the squad but still turned up full of optimism.

Sam scored early in the second half to make it 1-0 to OMS but conceded 2 goals straight away which left it all to play for.
The boys showed tremendous character scoring in the last minute of the game, with a fantastic header by Finn to take the game to 2-2.
The game went into extra time, which was nailbiting for everyone to watch. Not long into the first half, Finn scored a fantastic second goal to give OMS the lead 3-2. They managed to hold on until the final whistle meaning they are through to the semi finals which is due to be played at OMS against Cramlington.

Picking a man of the match was impossible with every single player doing themselves and the school proud.
Well done boys and good luck in the semi finals!


25 pupils from Yr8 took part in the area handball tournament at Prudhoe High on Tuesday evening. It was an excellent tournament with non stop matches, all pupils played really well. Ovingham A team won the tournament undefeated and now progress to summer games final in July.


32 KS3 pupils from OMS took part in the area indoor athletics championships at Prudhoe High school competing in a range of events from sprints, balance beams, speed bounce etc. Ovingham won both girls and boys overall competition at both Yr7 and Yr8 age groups and progress to County Finals in Morpeth in March. Well done to all competitors.

Mokee Joe author visits OMS

Last week we were lucky enough to be joined again in school by successful children’s author, Peter J Murray. Just like his last visit, pupils were enraptured throughout the presentation as he took us on a journey through his Mokee Joe series of books, explaining where the inspiration for the character came from as well as delighting us with some spooky insights as to what happens in each book (without giving too much away!) Year 4 pupils from Ovingham First School even came and joined in on the fun with Year 5 on Tuesday whilst Year 6 and Year 7 were entertained on Wednesday. Pete then returned on Friday to do what can only be described as a mammoth book signing as hundreds of pupils queued to buy a Mokee Joe book – and getting it signed by the man himself. Another brilliant celebration of reading by a brilliant author. Here’s to his next visit!

OMS Pupils prepare for the BBC School Report!

In preparation for the national event run by the BBC, the “BBC School Report”, yesterday morning fourteen pupils and two teachers embarked on a mission. This mission was to research and write a script for a short news report, then film the report along with interviews with cast members in only three hours about the school performance of Bugsy Malone. Three groups were tasked to create a brief report featuring a two minute interview with three cast members.

Take a look at what they produced by clicking on the link below!

BBC School Report – Practise


Ian McMillan and Luke Carver Goss Visit

On Friday 26th January, the comedian and poet Ian McMillan and the musician Luke Carver Goss visited the school to perform in a special assembly. They performed for the whole of Year 7 and Year 8.

Ian started with a stand-up comedy routine (which was extraordinary) and then Luke joined in, creating music for a song that pupils took part in creating and singing vocals for. It was extremely entertaining and all of us enjoyed it greatly – especially a little musical piece that went by the name of ‘The Mystery String’.

We all got a chance to participate in singing the little tune and could not stop laughing throughout the entire 45 minutes that the hilarious guests entertained us for.

After the amazing performance Luke played the Australian instrument, a digeridoo, and Ian and Luke ran a musical and creative workshop for 30 selected pupils. This is when the pupils all collaborated and, together, they created the lyrically creative song that was all about ‘Grandad Tom’ and ‘an improvised stretcher from world war 1’!

It was a fantastic experience for all of the pupils and also great opportunity to improve creativity and have a lot of fun together!

By Lauren & Esther (year 7)