Year 5

Head of Year: Mrs Ridley

Form Teachers: Mrs Ridley, Miss Tyler, Mrs Colwell

Associated Teachers: Mr Cole, Mrs Haywood, Miss Allen

How we praise:

In Year 5 our main method of praise is the use of the school house point system. House points are used to reward academic success, effort in lessons and acts of kindness between pupils or towards staff. Pupils work to achieve house point certificates at 100, 250, 500, 750 and 1000 house points. We also celebrate achievements in our weekly ‘Celebration Assembly’ where we award a ‘House Pointer of the Week’ for each class, hand out the House Point Cup to the house (Saxon, Norman or Roman) with the most house points and celebrate a ‘Star of the Week’: a person who has ‘stood out’ during the course of the week for exceptional work, positive attitude or a great deed. We also praise pupils’ achievements in Literacy and Numeracy with ‘Writer of the Week’ and ‘Mathamagician of the Week’.


What we do:

In Year 5, pupils spend first their first lesson every morning in Literacy. They then move to their Numeracy classes; we are lucky enough to offer 4 teaching groups for the year group which means pupils may have a different teacher. Pupils also have an additional literacy and numeracy lesson which alternates between the two subjects. On a Thursday afternoon pupils have Technology, on a 9 week carousel. In this subject, 4 groups cover: food technology, resistant materials, art and product design. The rest of the timetable consists of Science (3 lessons), Humanities (2 lessons), ICT, Music, R.E., P.S.H.E. and French. Form teachers are available throughout the day to speak with pupils and homework clubs are run on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Each Friday Year 5 has their ‘Celebration Assembly’ where pupils are praised for collecting house points, achieving in Maths and English and a star of the week is chosen from each form class.  In October we take all pupils from the year group on a residential to Duke’s House Wood where we aim to build team work skills and get to know one another.

Year 5 homework timetable


We value the transition process and have good links with all of our feeder school. A transition is held between Mrs Ridley and Year 4 teacher during Spring term, to establish the needs of all pupils transferring to us the following September. Following this initial meeting OMS staff visit the first schools on a number of occasions including: uniform ordering evening (to meet parents, answer questions and organise uniforms), Year 4 assembly (where Year 5 pupils speak to their  school and share important information) and Teacher hand over. Pupils also get to spend time at OMS on Orientation day and Transition day. Additional transition activities are organised at the request of First School Teachers.  Finally, a parents evening is held in June for all new parents where information about the school and expectations of pupils, parents and staff are outlined.

Year 6

Head Of Year: Mrs Kemp

Form Teachers: Mrs Kemp, Mrs Smith, Mr Kane

Associated Teachers: Mrs Norton, Mrs Tweddle and Miss Lancaster

How we praise:

In Year 6 our main rewards are house points. Pupils collect house points individually, as a class and as a house. Individually, pupils receive house point certificates for reaching different house point milestones: 100, 250, 500 and 1000. As a class pupils compete against the other two Year 6 classes to win the house point cup each Thursday, the form class that wins the cup most over each half term gets an extra special treat at the end of that half term. Every Thursday in Year 6 is our ‘Magic Moment Assembly’, this is where we present the house point cup and celebrate the individual ‘House point Champions’ for each class. We also celebrate the Times Table Champion class of the week and ‘Magic moments of the Week’.

What we do:

Year 6 pupils all have five Numeracy lessons first thing every day followed by Literacy lesson 2 every day. There is also an extra literacy/numeracy lesson last lesson on a Thursday where we consolidate skills from these lessons alternatively. In numeracy and literacy we are lucky to be able to have four groups. All of Year 6 also have technology at the same time on a Friday afternoon. In this subject pupils are in four mixed groups covering the following technologies on a ten week carousel: Food technology, Resistant Materials, Control and Art. The rest of the timetable is different for each form class covering the following lessons: Science (3 lessons), P.E, Games, Humanities (2 lessons), Music, I.C.T, R.E., P.S.H.E and French. Form teachers are available at any time to speak to pupils and there are homework clubs every lunch time from 12:30 – 1:00.

Year 6 Homework timetable

Year 7

Head of Year: Mrs Ellison

Form Teachers: Mrs Ellison, Mr Pusey, Mr Addyman/Mr Wainwright

Associated Teachers: Mr Healey, Miss Brown, Mrs Foster, Mrs Wood

How we praise:

In Year 7, we are inspired by the school mantra of opportunity, motivation and success. Pupils in year 7 are regularly rewarded for their good work and effort in a variety of areas, as well as in their attendance and punctuality. Pupils collect house points individually and this total is added together with the members of their pastoral class each Friday. The house point cup is presented to the class with the highest total on a Tuesday at our year group assembly. Certificates are given when individual pupils reach 100, 250, 500 and 1000 house points. In addition to this, pupils from each form class are able to recognise members of their form class as a ‘star of the week’.

What we do:

Year 7 pupils are encouraged to be independent. They have classes in various parts of the school, not just their pastoral classrooms. Pupils are in streamed classes for English and Maths. An exciting component of the year 7 curriculum is the innovative animation project, organised by Mr Cole. This truly cross-curricular activity marries skills and techniques in both ICT and Art. Pupils write, illustrate, digitally edit and produce a soundtrack for an original animated short film which is shared in July at the Forum Cinema. The pupils enjoy seeing their work on the big screen! Another responsibility that we entrust to our Year 7 pupils is the running of the school library. This operates on a volunteer basis and everyone has the opportunity to participate. Pupils also have the responsibility of being a peer mentor or mediator to KS2 pupils.

There are a number of visits in year 7, including:  termly reward visits, a Geography field trip to Morpeth, a residential trip to Wooler (ecology trip) and finally, a visit to Paris in the spring term.

Year 7 Homework timetable

Year 8

Head of Year: Mrs Goodwin

Form Teachers: Mrs Goodwin, Mr Snowdon, Miss Quinn

Associated Teachers: Mr Kirk, Mrs R Clark, Mrs J Clark, Mrs Burton, Mrs Kidd


How we praise:

We take pride in the fact that our Year 8 students are well on their way to becoming responsible, mature and well-rounded young adults. We strive to give each student the opportunity to take on a role of responsibility and we currently have 18 House and Sports Captains, 30 Sports Leaders, 18 KS2 Class Buddies, 5 personal Reading Buddies and 6 students on the Schools Food Forum. We hope that through our actions we can foster an atmosphere of respect, friendship and kindness. We have high expectations for our student’s attitude towards learning and many reward systems are in place to acknowledge both effort and attainment.  Pupils collect house points individually and this total is added together with the members of their pastoral class each Tuesday. The house point cup is presented to the class with the highest total on a Friday at our year group assembly. Certificates are given when individual pupils reach 100, 250, 500 and 1000 house points. We also reward all sporting and musical achievement’s in this weekly assembly.  Towards the end of each half term we reward our students for excellent behaviour, giving them the opportunity to visit places such as The Sunderland Climbing Wall, Edinburgh Zoo and Newcastle Theatre Royal Christmas Pantomine.

What we do:

Over the course of the year there are three fantastic residential field visits to choose from; exploring the poetry of World War 1 in Belgium, environmental science in Northumberland and adrenaline sports in the Lake District. At the end of Year 8 we ask each student to take part in organising an event for our annual Fun Day where Years 5, 6 and 7 enjoy participating in competitions and fund raising activities. We celebrate the end of 4 years at Ovingham by hosting a Prom at Kirkly Hall where pupils receive trophies and certificates recognising their achievements throughout the year.

At KS3 subjects are taught by specialist teachers and a typical timetable consists of Maths and English lessons that are streamed whilst Art French, Spanish, Geography, History, ICT, PSHE, PE, RE and Science are taught in pastoral groups. In Games, two classes are taught together with boys and girls playing different sports. Technology is taught in 9 week blocks and students get the use of two state of the art specialist rooms. Opportunities to attend lunch time and after school clubs are many and varied and support for academic work and homework is available at both break and lunchtimes.

Year 8 Homework timetable