Pupils’ health and safety is paramount at Ovingham Middle School and we have trained pupils to follow the car park protocol at all times. We have instructed the pupils to use the appropriate markings and road crossings.

It’s important to us that parents and visitors respect driving and parking protocols as well, to help keep pupils and visitors safe.

  1. Parents and visitors must park their car in a designated car parking bay.
  2. The disabled parking spaces must be left clear for the parents and visitors who need to use them.
  3. Pupils, parents and visitors must use to the zebra crossing and designated pathways to reach their vehicle or the school.
  4. When arriving or leaving school, pupils will be acting in an orderly manner and follow the instructions of the staff on duty.
  5. Pupils travelling in a taxi or parents’ vehicles should wait at the gate, next to the Food Technology room, until they see the vehicle they are going home in has parked up in a bay.
  6. Pupils are regularly reminded that they do not go home with anyone who is unauthorised to collect them.
  7. Pupils who have not been collected by 3.40p.m. should report to the closest member of staff on duty who will send them to the office to try and make contact with their lift, unless prior arrangements have been made for a later pick up.
  8. The staff car park is designated for staff cars only and any working visitors to the school on the day. (NB: this car park is shut between 8.30-9.00a.m. and 3.00-3.30p.m).
  9. Any parent or visitors to the school have to enter the school through the main entrance where they will report to reception.
  10. Parents or visitors to Ovingham First School should park in the main car park and use the path around the front of the school which goes past the reception.
  11. Parents & Visitors are asked to drive at 5mph in the car park with due caution. They must follow the one way system directions.

By adhering to the car park protocol and stressing the importance of this to your child, we will be making the school a safer place.