Daily Timetable

No pupils should arrive at school before 8:30am. Staff are on duty from 8:30am, no responsibility can be taken for pupils before this time. Security doors to our building are locked until 8:45am when the bell goes for morning school. Pupils must wait in the school yard unless it is raining when staff will be in classrooms from 8:30am to receive pupils.

08:45 –   9:15 Registration & Assembly
09:15 – 10:15 Period 1
10:15 – 10:30 Break
10:30 – 11:30 Period 2
11:30 – 12:25 Period 3
12:25-   1:20 Lunch
  1:20 –   1:35 Registration/Newsround
  1:35 –   2:30 Period 4
  2:30 –   3:25 Period 5


It is important to us that we have a uniform to be proud of at OMS.

Wearing a uniform creates a group identity for our pupils, which in turn promotes a sense of pride, community and belonging.  Any difference in pupils’ backgrounds and appearance that may otherwise become a distraction to themselves or others is avoided. Insistence on the correct uniform also assists us with the health and safety of pupils. 

Below is the list of our compulsory and optional uniform items.


School Navy Blue Sweatshirt With Logo
Pale Blue Polo Shirt With Logo or plain 
Mid Grey Trousers Or Shorts, Culottes Or Knee Length Skirt
Grey/Black/Navy Tights Or Grey/Black/Navy Or White Socks
Plain Black Shoes
School PE Shirt With Logo
Blue PE Shorts
Blue Knee Length Socks 
Sports trainers With Laces
Optional for outdoor PE/Games in cold weather
Plain Navy Tracksuit Bottoms
School Logo Hoodie (recommended) / Plain Navy Jumper/Hoodie 
Recommended but not compulsory
Football Boots (no metal studs or blades) 
Shin Pads (for hockey/football)
Gum Shield (for hockey/football)

Shoes should be plain black in colour, leather or leather-look (students should not wear canvas shoes). Footwear should not have any badges or labels. Boots e.g. Uggs, Doc Martens etc are not allowed. 




Pupils are not permitted to wear make-up of any kind including nail varnish. Any make-up will be removed. We would appreciate your support with this.

Jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school. All piercings should be removed before school. 

Hairstyles must be sensible and suitable for school and learning and long hair must be tied back.

All items should be clearly marked inside with the students’ name so they can be returned to the rightful owner in the event of loss. Any lost property not claimed or not clearly marked will be discarded or donated to the local charity shop at the end of each term.

Where to buy

Specialist items such as School logo jumpers and our PE kit can be purchased from our uniform supplier Salto (details below).



Unit 3D

Princess Court

Low Prudhoe Industrial Estate



NE42 6PL

Tel: 01661 835 240

email: [email protected]

The remainder of the uniform can be purchased from most high street stores and supermarkets

We try and keep the uniform cost as low as possible, however for anybody experiencing financial difficulties with the purchase of items, please contact the school office. The Miner’s Lamp Community Cafe and Hub in West Wylam also offer a range of pre-used good quality uniform items for a small donation. This service can be accessed by anyone.

Items can be also be ordered online at –