At Ovingham Middle School our aim is to make PE/Games an enjoyable and successful experience, within the framework of the National Curriculum. We try to ensure all pupils regardless of ability reach there true potential in all activities covered.

Pupils complete a unit of work in each sport and then are assessed at the end of the unit of work either playing a game, umpiring, completing a sequence or routine and are given a level based on the new PE National Curriculum.

At Ovingham Middle School all pupils receive 1hr of PE and 1hr of Games a week. Also a very extensive range of lunchtime and after school clubs are on offer. We compete in competitions/leagues in Football (boys/girls), Rugby (boys/girls), Netball, Hockey(mixed), Cross-Country, Basketball, Gymnastics, Athletics (indoor/outdoor), Tennis, Handball, Rounders, Dance, Volleyball, Kwik Cricket and Inter Cricket and have competed at Area, District, County and National Level.

Autumn Term


  • Football / Netball – Games Lessons
  • Hockey – PE Lessons


  • Cross-Country/Circuit Training/Indoor Athletics – Games Lessons
  • Gymnastics – PE Lessons

Spring Term


  • Football/Dance – Games Lessons
  • Badminton/Basketball – PE Lessons


  • Girls Football/Boys Basketball – Games Lessons
  • Handball KS3/Bench Ball KS2

Summer Term


  • Athletics – Games & PE Lessons


  • Cricket/Rounders – Games
  • Athletics/Tennis – PE Lessons

We also provide training for Year 8 pupils to become Young Sports Leaders which involves them completing a one day course and then 10 hrs voluntary coaching hours assisting the younger pupils in the school at lunch time or after school sports clubs or in inter school competitions.