At Ovingham Middle School, we provide both a challenging and robust study of History and Geography as two separate, stand-alone subjects. Although we often explore the links between both subjects, the disciplines are taught separately in order to maintain their uniqueness and to promote high levels of challenge. We see this is as the best way to develop our pupils’ expertise and skills in both History and Geography.

We strive to deliver a varied and interesting curriculum that engages and challenges pupils. The delivery of this content is wide-ranging and tests the pupils’ ability to assess and evaluate evidence and formulate arguments. Within the department, which consists of both key stage 2 class teachers and key stage 3 specialists, the aim of the subject is to engage pupils of different teaching and learning styles with a variety of activities in order appeal to all of our learners.

In History, pupils are assessed in a variety of ways, including: extended writing, newspaper articles, source work, exams and formal essays. We feel the ability to improve critical thinking and reasoning amongst pupils, as well as providing the opportunity to write extended pieces, will prepare our students for KS2 assessments and well beyond into high school. Assessments often follow the same format as GCSE exams, allowing for robust challenge throughout the school. In Geography, pupils are assessed through exams, extended answers and increasingly, through fieldwork projects which are being gradually introduced throughout year groups.

The programme of study for History/Geography at OMS is as follows:

Year 5:

Autumn term:

History – Ancient Greeks

Geography – Location knowledge/Map skills.

Spring term:

History – Legacy of Greek Culture

Geography – Climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts.

Summer term:

History – Local History study

Geography – Coasts.

Year 6:

Autumn term:

History – Vikings

Geography – Map skills

Spring term:

History – SATs preparation

Geography – SATs preparation.

Summer term:

History & Geography – Cross curricular -Aztecs 

Year 7:

Autumn term:

History – Norman conquest

Geography – Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes.

Spring term:

History – Medieval life

Geography – Population and migration

Summer term:

History – American West

Geography – Rivers

Year 8:

Autumn term:  

History – Tudors

Geography – Urbanisation and Economics

Spring term:

History – British Empire and Slave Trade

Geography – Extreme weather and natural hazards

Summer term:

History – The Industrial Revolution (including PCHS transition project)

Geography – Climate change (including PCHS transition project)

Time allowing – Geography – Glaciers, History – Stuarts

If you require any more information on the study of History and Geography in key stage 2 and key stage 3, (such as programmes of study and planned student outcomes) you can view the Department for Education guidelines by following the links below:

Mr A Wainwright

History & Geography Coordinator