At Ovingham Middle School, English is a subject that is at the heart of every lesson. As well as lessons in the subject itself, pupils learn and develop skills that they can transfer into all lessons across the curriculum.Therefore, in our department we realise the importance of equipping pupils with the skills they need to be successful. We encourage them to be creative, imaginative, and ambitious as well as promoting an enjoyment of reading, writing and communicating.

Pupils are taught 5 lessons a week in KS2 and 4 in KS3. The extra lesson in KS2 is focused on SPAG in preparation for the SATs test at the end of Year 6. In each lesson pupils will develop their reading, writing and communication skills whilst studying a range of texts and genres.


A Curriculum Subject Overview is available for each year:


KS2 Recommended Reading List (higher ability)

KS2 Recommended Reading List

KS3 Recommended Reading List

Top 100 Must-Read Books Primary

Top 100 Must-Read Books Secondary


SPAG Workpack


Year 5 and 6 Key Word List

Year 5 SPAG Overview

Year 6 SPAG Overview

Year 7 Spelling Overview

Year 8 Spelling Overview

Helpful Resources



Handwriting Booklet

Punctuation Poster

SPAG Loop Game

Super synonyms sheet

Cheat Sheet

Y6 Skills Builder Booklet

Spellzone – Parents guide

Useful Websites