Pupils write and design their own comic book cover. They practise drawing dynamic figures, some involving perspective. They follow the comic strip production process, penciling and inking their work. Enjoy some exciting examples and imaginative ideas of our pupils’ comic books…

arrow 001
A strong portrait really makes this cover stand out.
beaten by a girl 001
Effective use of foreshortening really creates an impact here with the antagonist moving toward the viewer in a close foreground.
chainsaw 001
A great example of using strong shadow and contrast to create a stark and striking image.
cutlass man 001
A cover full of detail and imagination!
dissolution 001
Superb use of pen and ink shading techniques to create a very striking and memorable image.
girly girl 001
A strong and well rendered figure draws the viewer’s eye in this design.

ninja 001pack of cards 001the Hood 001