In Year 8, pupils hone their pencil drawing to produce their most detailed observational work yet. They make subtle drawings of the human eye and then develop these into larger surrealist compositions. They begin to draw more realistic human figures, studying the fundamental proportions of the body and use this understanding to create an original comic-book cover. Pupils also create an imaginative face mask from clay, utilizing new techniques to produce a detailed finish.

Comic Book Covers
Pupils write and design their own comic book cover. They practise drawing dynamic figures, some involving perspective. They follow the comic strip production process, penciling and inking their work. Click here to see some exciting examples and imaginative ideas of our pupils comic books…
Kandinsky project version 2
Pupils explore the work of Wassily Kandinsky, one of the very first abstract artist. They follow his process, responding to sound and music, making exploratory drawings. They finish the topic creating a dynamic abstract composition using pastels.  Click here to see examples of the pupils’ abstract artwork.
Pencil studies
Pupils look at the works of the illusionist M.C. Escher. In addition to appreciating the mind-bending nature of his optical experiments, they also study his highly detailed drawing technique. They then complete an ‘Escher’ tonally matching missing areas from one of his famous drawings. Click here to see some incredible pencil work from Year 8…

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