Pupils look at the work of professional storyboard artists and learn how to break their narrative down into clear scenes and actions. They prioritise the information they most need to tell their story economically. Pupils then draw storyboards in their animation groups. Enjoy some examples.

eg 1
A lovely example of a storyboard- the main plot points of the narrative are clearly mapped out and explained through visual images and written description.
Storyboard detail
A detail from the previous storyboard, highlighting the attention to detail in the artwork.
Another great example illustrating how story-boarding gets the pupils thinking sequentially about their narrative.
Nicely rendered artwork helps to take the reader through the narrative.

Enjoy some more excerpts from the pupils’ movie storyboards…

annabel storyboard 001Autum storyboard 001chloe storyboard 001naomi storyboard 001

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