Pupils use their pencil drawing skills to render characters for their animated film. These characters are drawn from multiple view points to enable them to turn and have a variety of movements on screen. Pupils study the work of illustrators like Oliver Jeffers to help give them inspiration. Enjoy some example of the pupils’ character designs.

animation character1 001
Beautiful attention to detail and exceptional graduated pencil colouring!
Estelle1 001
A nicely realised animal character (these can be hard to achieve!) coupled with excellent graduated coloured pencil work.
Megan Campbell 001
This cat is clearly full of character!
nell 001
A lovely example showing different character ‘expression heads’.
Bold, contrasting colours and a strong design.
Billy 1 001
A really excellent body drawing adding greatly to this character.
Hannah Finch Lion 001
Strong warm colours really suit this lovely drawing of a lion!
Lucie 1 001
Subtle colour shading on the face of this character really makes it stand out- superb!

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