This is an exciting, truly cross-curricular project- unique to OMS! Pupils write and develop their own animated short film. They design and draw the characters and backgrounds, scanning them into software. They then digitally edit and animate their hand drawn art. The films are completed with sound and editing before finally being screened at a local cinema!  Click on the movie clips to see examples of some of the pupils’ completed movies.

‘Impressions of a Midsummer Night’

I’ve put this on the page as this really marked the starting point of the OMS animation project and process. This was made over a week and involved about thirty pupils. A large bespoke wood frame was built and coloured stage lights shone beneath. Jointed silhouette puppets were then constructed by the pupils and animated on top of the wood frame/screen. The film was then projected behind actors for a school performance of ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’.  A fabulous project that was certainly the inspiration for the Art Department to really explore the possibilities of animated film making and include this in the OMS curriculum.

‘Vampire Love’

Beautiful, pencil drawn artwork brought effectively to life in this Gothic tale of vampirism!

‘Return to Wonderland’

A dreamlike animation, featuring some exquisite coloured penciled artwork.

‘Time For Africa’

A charming animation featuring Giraffes!


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