The following images link to an individual gallery for each topic- enjoy looking through some of the pupils’ fabulous artwork!

Pencil Landscapes

Pupils start to consider how distance affects tonal values and colour. They develop a series of graphite and coloured pencil drawings (practising  graduated shading and colour blending). Click here to see some of the pupils’ beautiful landscape pencils!

Perspeective II

Pupils develop their understanding of perspective from Year 5 to produce a far more complex and elaborate composition. They produce ‘street scenes’ that really stretch their technical skill and understanding of using a single vanishing point. Simultaneously, the pupils learn some key shading technique with pure black and white inking.  Click here to see examples of the pupils intricate line drawing!

Watercolour landscapes

Pupils learn the fundamentals of water colour painting. Developing the concepts from earlier in the unit (about distance and tonal value) they learn how to make and apply colour ‘washes’, creating water colour landscapes.  Click here to see examples of the pupils beautiful water colour wash landscapes!

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