Welcome to the Art Gallery! Since the pupils at OMS are such a talented lot and produce such a variety of amazing work, I felt the best way to showcase it was by Year Group and then topic. Click in the links below to start your journey!

Year 5 gallery featured feathered

In year 5, pupils begin to use key pencil drawing techniques, learning how to carefully graduate tonal values. They begin to explore perspective using a single vanishing point to draw a ‘TARDIS’ landing on an alien world…Finally they design and sculpt a small ‘creature’, learning fundamental techniques in how to shape, join and achieve a quality finish with clay. Click here to enter the Year 5 Gallery!

Year 6 gallery featured feathered.png

In year 6, pupils develop their understanding of tonal shading with pencil, studying landscape. They use their knowledge of a single vanishing point to construct a more complex perspective drawing (and begin to learn how we can use line to create tonal effects). Finally, pupils begin to use watercolour washes to create depth and distance. Click here to enter the Year 6 Gallery!


Year 7

In Year 7. pupils create short animated films. These are shown at the end of the year at a local cinema. To construct their films the pupils must write a short narrative, storyboard it and create original hand-drawn artwork featuring characters and backgrounds. They then upload their images into the PC’s and use digital techniques to combine and animate them. A truly cross-curricular project with an exciting end product, shown in a professional venue! Click here to enter the Year 7 Gallery!

Year 8 cropped

In Year 8, pupils hone their pencil drawing to produce their most detailed observational work yet. They make subtle drawings of the human eye and then develop these into larger surrealist compositions. They begin to draw more realistic human figures, studying the fundamental proportions of the body and use this understanding to create an original comic-book cover. Pupils also create an imaginative face mask from clay, utilizing new techniques to produce a detailed finish. Click here to enter the Year 8 Gallery!