Welcome to the OMS Art Department homepage! Here you will find a summary of what your children will experience in Art during their time with us and also links to many galleries that showcase their exciting artwork. Click HERE to go straight to the Gallery Links Page!

Art Update April 2020 – Mr Cole has created a video and step by step guide to create Finis Everglot. Go on give it a go!

Drawing Guide – Tim Burton Finis Everglot

Drawing Tim Burton’s Maudeline Everglot – step by step


Coloured Pencil Landscape – creating depth with tone and colour

Coloured Pencil Landscape – adding depth

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Mr Cole has created a YouTube channel featuring demonstrations of project work and techniques taught in art lessons. Pupils may want to re-visit and practice at home something from class or try something new! This channel will be updated regularly and you are welcome to subscribe here 

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Over a few years the Art Department has also been engaged in some very ambitious and collaborative large scale artworks. Click here to see an archive of some O.M.S.’s large scale artwork projects!

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1: Overview

I have specifically designed the Art experience at OMS to progressively build upon what I consider essential, core skills. These hopefully provide a strong foundation from which pupils can further develop their art-making at High school and also help them with visual aspects of presentation throughout the broader curriculum.  The core art skills studied and practised throughout the four years at OMS are as follows:

Long term plan - Overview POS - Art & Design Techniques- Progression

2: Progression:

Working from the above framework, the following diagrams detail how the pupils’ work develops in each ‘core skill’ as they progress from Year 5, eventually to Year 8. Every year, the complexity of each composition is increased and becomes more challenging (building upon the pupils’ experiences from the previous year(s)).

Progression - Line Drawing
How pupils progress in their line drawing at OMS.
Progression - Painting
How pupils progress in their painting at OMS.
Progression - Pencil Drawing
How pupils progress in their pencil work at OMS.
Progression - Perspective
How pupils progress developing their understanding of perspective at OMS.

3: Tasters:

In addition to the core skills explored above, the pupils will also create artworks that are independent of them. I have called these ‘tasters’ as they allow the pupils the opportunity to sample new techniques that can stand in isolation to the main scheme. Ultimately in Art these are important experiences as they contain the potential to engage a pupil and inform their future art-making. Sadly limited curriculum time does not allow for every strand or technique to be followed throughout each year group.

Long term plan - Overview POS - Art & Design Techniques - Tasters

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