The Careers lessons for years 6, 7 and 8 dovetail into the Enterprise strand within the Personal Development (PD) programme.

The eight-week Enterprise Project provides students will the following opportunities:

Background Knowledge:

Pupils learn what enterprise means, what an entrepreneur is and the importance of building and developing individual skills.


Pupils learn the importance of teamwork and what they can each bring to the group.

Developing ideas:

Pupils generate and share their ideas and begin to understand the importance of creativity in business.

Design and marketing:

Pupils learn about market research and the importance of costs and financial management in business.

Budgeting for success:

Pupils learn the importance of manufacturing and delivery within a budget, and telling consumers about their product or service to encourage them to become customers.

EIGHT-WEEK ENTERPRISE PROJECT: Make your £5 Grow (Virgin Money).

Make £5 Grow is focused on financial education and making children feel more confident about money. We help pupils better understand how money works and let them develop skills that will be invaluable later in life.

The project calls upon knowledge of what pupils have learnt in Mathematics and English, as well as introducing/reinforcing the following skills:

·         Money management

·         Collaboration and teamwork

·         Responsibility and ownership

·         Leadership.