OMS Book Week

Our successful Book Week has involved a number of different elements and lasted for the whole week. Archie, one of our reading ambassadors in Year 8, has this report…

The Book Fair

On Friday 29th November, the book fair came to Ovingham! The reading ambassadors opened up the three cases that arrived and set up the stationery and posters as well as an amazing range of books. The book fair then opened up to the school from 8:30 until 8:45 on a morning and at lunch times from Monday this week. Pupils also had a chance to visit the book fair in an allotted time slot in their English classes. Hundreds of pounds of books have been sold. 

Dan Smith

Popular author Dan Smith, who did the official opening for our library in 2018, made a return visit on Tuesday to talk to KS3 (Y7 & Y8)  in lesson 4 about his new book ‘She-Wolf’. Dan was given a school tour by two of the reading ambassadors – Ana & Mara from Y8 – then he talked to all KS3 pupils about his childhood and how he got inspiration for some of his books. He then had books on sale in lesson 5 on Tuesday (and was signing them) for only £5.

Kids’ Lit Quiz

There was tough competition between our 12 teams of keen bookworms in Thursday’s inaugural OMS Kids’ Lit Quiz. The reading ambassadors helped run the quiz and marked the papers and the helpful Mrs Robson added up the points. There were 3 teams from each year and Miss Quinn and Mr Snowdon helped run the event. With a lot of prizes on offer, including posters, books and DVDs, the quiz was very heated. At the end of each round, there would be a random question about literature that would, if you answered correctly, win you a prize! The top 3 teams were:

1: Year 8 team A (Isla, Rory, Lois & Adam)

2: Year 8 team B (Alfie, Ethan, Issah & Robert)

3: Year 5 team C (Mollie, Boh, Corrine and Phoebe)

Year 5 democracy.

Year 5 have received their polling cards and will be at the ballot box this afternoon, after the Tomorrow, Vision, Transform and Progress parties have revealed their key policies.  Our new government will be revealed on Monday!

Year 5 PSHE

Here is a sneak preview inside 5DC party headquarters…

Our 4 parties, Vision, Tomorrow, Progress and Transform are busy preparing their manifestos ahead of our PSHE General Election on 6th December.  They are currently at the policy making stage. Perhaps they could teach their real life counterparts a thing or two…

What a day for celebration!

Today we celebrated our first half-term as part of Tyne Community Learning Trust. Mr Cole, Harry and Ava represented OMS by planting an Oak tree to commemorate the occasion. Everyone else watched via Skype, due to the weather, in the Gym. A great way to mark the start of an exciting partnership.

We then all came together to celebrate our boys team winning the World Schools Football Cup in Barcelona. Mr Lakey summed up the event perfectly with, ” We have a world class school and now a world class football team to match!”

Check out the live feed on our Facebook page.

Easy as Pi

A huge well done to all of the KS2 pupils who were selected to take part in the Primary Maths Challenge last week and an even bigger well done to everyone who achieved a bronze, silver or gold certificate.  Five pupils from Year 6 have managed to get through to the second round of the challenge in February!