Wylam railway crossing update

You may or may not be aware that the railway crossing at Wylam was broken this morning. This caused issues with a coach arriving to school on time. We have been assured that the problem has been rectified and so we do not anticipate any problems this afternoon.

Thank you.




Donations of wood please.

The Friends of Ovingham Middle School are on the look out for any donations of unwanted wood – the thin type that pallets or packing boxes are made of would be ideal, but really any old pieces that we could re-fashion to create a prohibition era mocktail bar for serving refreshments at the upcoming performances of Bugsy Malone. We’re going for the “hastily-set-up-in-the-basement” speak-easy look, so condition doesn’t matter too much. If you have anything that you think we could use then please let us know and we would be happy to collect it from you.

Thank you in advance,

Friends of Ovingham

SCHOOL CLOSED 28th Feb 2018

All bus companies have judged the roads a safety hazard and are not sending busses.  The main A roads are just passable and local roads are passable but the snow is falling as fast as any clearance is taking place with Ice underlying it.

The weather forecast is only to continue and so the possibility of it improving during the day can not considered.

Work has been set for your children on the website and more will be added during the day.

The school phones will be staffed by colleagues who could walk to work this morning should you require anything from the school.

We will update the website as we have further information about tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding

Take care and be safe.

Mr Bennett