And the winner is……

………………..Roman House with an astonishing 22105 house points this half term! As a reward, for all of their hard work this Friday (20th December) will be a non-uniform day for all those in Roman house.

We will survive!

Year 7 have finished off their Survival literacy topic by getting creative. They have designed and built their own survival shelter models. We’re sure you agree they look like a cosy place to be in the event of a zombie apocalypse !

Carol Concert – Wednesday 18th December

Parents are invited to attend St Mary the Virgin Church in Ovingham for our annual carol concert at 10AM for Key Stage 3 pupils and at 2PM for Key Stage 2 pupils. Each service is expected to last one hour. All pupils MUST return to school following the service, but can then be signed out by their class teacher if parents wish to collect them early. Please note:You may only collect your own child. If another adult is attending on your behalf please record this in your child’s homework diary to be shown to the teacher on the day of the carol concert. We look forward to seeing you there.