Peter J Murray visit

Last Wednesday and Thursday, the children’s horror novelist Peter. J. Murray visited the school to promote his new book ‘Poppy Warrior’. Peter spends his time between his two homes in Rotherham (where he was brought up) and Hampshire. He has visited the school on a number of occasions, promoting books like ‘Bonebreaker’ and his fast growing series, ‘Mokee Joe’. Peter has written over 15 books and is a popular author among children.

He spoke to the Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7 pupils and told them spooky stories, funny fiction and tall tales that will have given them nightmares and laughing fits. They were so inspired that huge numbers bought Peter’s books and ‘Poppy Warrior’ was a bestseller. There were queues of people coming out of the library, which was where Peter was signing books. There were also a total of 10 other books on sale.

Report written by Archie, Reading Ambassador.