Peripatetic Instrumental and vocal lessons at OMS in September 2019.

Is your child interested in learning to play a new instrument in September?
Or perhaps having singing lessons, or continuing to play an instrument that they have been learning to play through instrumental lessons in school ?
Music Partnership North offer musical instrument and vocal tuition at school.  
Pupils are offered the opportunity to take up tuition, with group or individual lessons, on a range of instruments – flute, saxophone, clarinet, keyboard, guitar, trumpet, drums. These lessons are 30 minutes long, take place during the school day, and are part of a timetable rota meaning that most pupils go to their instrument lesson at a different time each week.
If your child is interested and to inquire about the cost of lessons, please contact the school office, Advice on hiring or purchasing an instrument can also be arranged through Music Partnership North. Further information about this is available on our website at