Artsmark Gold

After three years of hard work we have been awarded Artsmark Gold status by the Arts Council of England.
The award included assessing not only the impact of Arts events in school, author visits, artists in residence, poets, Actors etc.. but a commitment to cultural experiences and an openness to allow creativity into the classrooms to inspire all children in all subjects.
Mr Bennett has sat on the Local Cultural Partnership Board, in partnership with Culture Bridge North East, to establish links with organisations and the school is now a pivotal link in how Arts council monies will be used to open up Arts experiences to every child in Northumberland Schools.
None of our amazing experiences could have happened without the hard work of the staff in school but special thanks to Mr Cole who has let his classroom spill out into the corridors and celebrate the amazing visual art that goes on in school.  Mrs Woods tireless encouragement to promote music must get a mention and Mrs Cowell and Mr Snowdon’s annual play is now, I’m sure, a permanent fixture to both tire us all out but celebrate talents our students most defiantly have.
To all the authors who visited and the office staff who booked coaches last minute or the TA who found an artist in a room when all others had given up hope! I thank you as well.
Gold status is something to be very proud of so last but not least, thank you to every student and well done on being open to expressing yourself through creativity and the arts… Keep it up!