Year 7 Paris trip – day 3


We were up early for breakfast and the sun was already shining. We were all in our emerald green ‘Paris 2019’ T shirts and we looked totally en flic. We didn’t hang about and were soon on the coach as we couldn’t wait to get to Parc Astérix!

We arrived at the park at 9.55am and Mrs Ellison dashed off to get our tickets. We assembled into our park groups, which were based on how adventurous we wanted to be. Then, with tickets in our hands, we were off! It was a glorious day and the atmosphere in the park was awesome. There was enough people to create a buzz of excitement, but there were virtually no queues! This was fab, as we could go on what we liked as often as we liked. We must have walked for miles from one ride to another, stopping occasionally for some iced slush or other cold drinks.

At lunch time, there was a host of different foods to choose from. Some groups took in some of the shows that happen throughout the day and most of us got some shopping done. We all went in to Le Palais Bonbon at the end. We spent nearly seven hours in the park and were exhausted by the time we got back on the coach.

We got back to the centre at 7.30 pm, just in time for our evening meal. Faissal, our animateur, had bought us some additions to our meal: strong French cheeses and escargot! Many brave folk tried the snails and some ate lots of them!
We had forty five minutes play on the field and then went to bed, exhausted. What a day!