World Book Day 2019

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A huge thank to everyone for joining in with the OMS World BookDay celebrations yesterday! Costumes from both staff and pupils were really impressive!

Below is the results from all the competitions and the standard of the Bake a Book entries was so high that we ended up doing a top 10!

We raised a total of £476 for Book Aid International from dressing up and the bake sale!

Best Dressed Character:

5ET: Sydney F

5JL: Naomi J

5DC: Hudson C

Overall winner: Sydney F

Best Dressed Character:

6AK: Anna P/Thomas H

6JK: Sam C

6DS: Austen G

Overall winner: Sam C

Best Dressed Character:

7DE: Harry M

7PA: Alfie W

7OP: Robbie B

Overall winner: Robbie B

Best Dressed Character:

8DG: Pink Ladies (Ellie, Anya, Emily, Laila, Mia, Molly)

8AS: Alex R

8SQ: Stan H

Overall winner: Stan H

Bake a Book:

1st Joseph P (Argo 2)

2nd William J (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

3rd Chloe B (First Class Murder)

4th Frankie WS (Alice in Wonderland)

5th Becky D (Harry Potter)

6th: Kai B (Wonder)

7th: Aleesha Y (Moana)

8th: Beth B (Seekers)

9th: Rebecca G (Hodgeheg)

10th: Lauren/Ella (Madhatter/Harry Potter book of spells)

Guess the Teacher’s Favourite Character

1st: Esther and Caitlin 8DG

Joint runners up:

Beth 6DS

Becky 6DS

Connor 8DG

Sophia  5DC

Imogen 5JK

Nathan 7OP