Year 8 Belgium trip

Belgium update: just arrived at our hotel after a busy but enjoyable day. The journey was smooth and uneventful and full of sleep, as we hoped, and no sooner had we arrived over the border, we visited our first location: Passchendaele museum. It was enthralling to see actual arefacts from the battle of Ypres as well as walk through the reinacted dug out and trenches.

Before the Christmas market we visited Ypres cathedral which was hugely impressive and hard to think it had been rebuilt after it was completely destroyed during WW1.

After a quick bite to eat, we visited the Christmas market before going ice skating where we saw many impressive skating moves just as much as many impressive wobbles and falls!

Afterwards we warmed ourselves up with a well deserved hot chocolate. We have been lucky with the weather so far: it has been chilly but we have had glorious sunshine and blue skies Currently we have just got ourselves sorted in our rooms, which have impressed pupils no end, and will be spending the rest of the night having dinner and a bit of down time (or early nights for some) before an early start for a jam-packed day tomorrow!