Eco Schools News

Before the summer term our gardening group worked really hard preparing the garden area, they then planted and grew 3 large pumpkins as well as sunflowers and herbs.
Our Eco group are now going to make soup using our school grown pumpkins as part of the Big Soup Share for our staff and pupils to sample on Thursday 11th October. The Big Soup Share is an incentive run by the Royal Horticultural Society to get pupils to grow the ingredients then celebrate what they have grown by making and sharing their homemade soup.
In school, our Eco group are working on a Harvest Festival collection which will be happening in school from the 17th-19th October.  If you would like to help with donations of tinned foods, these will be welcomed into school during the above dates.  We will be donating the collection in a church service on Sunday 21st October, the donations will then be given to charities/food banks in the local area as I think you will agree that this is a great idea to help those in need. If anyone would like to attend Ovingham church service on Sunday 21st October to support our pupils, we would love to see you.