Another year over.

Dear Parents,

Well, that’s another year over.  I’m not sure how, but it is.

This year, as every year, has seen many changes and challenges come to Ovingham Middle School.   Some have been amazing opportunities; some fantastic individual achievements; some impressive collective successes; some challenges sent to try us and some wonderfully funny, heartfelt, inspiring and genuine moments.  All of these we have journeyed together as part of that family I have always talked about throughout this year.

This week has been particularly busy, but representative, of most family lives.  I have a board at home where we fill in who is doing what and driving where with which child and when… the school diary always looks just like that.  This week alone we have had Sports for All and a production of Romeo and Juliet as well as a Year 5 a trip to Gibside and a Belgium visitor here to deliver a cultural experience morning.   Year 6 have visited the local park for a fun afternoon and had the amazing celebration evening. Year 7 are appointing next year’s house captains and saying goodbye to their head of year, Mr Anderson, who is leaving us to take on a Deputy Head post.  Year 8…well, they are emotional! A trip to the beach on Friday and their prom will make sure there is not a dry eye in the house.

Year 8 also raised lots of money with their Fun Day on Wednesday and have been supporting the school, in their role as student leaders, as the school goes off timetable to enjoy our last week with our classes.  Their success at the Sports Awards Evening, alongside every other year who have performed across many sports so well, is just part of their history in OMS they should be proud of.

Part of that history is building our future.  We have a new library this year and at least 6 authors here to celebrate it and inspire us.  This summer we have a new ICT room planned, doubling our capacity for ICT in school. We are continuing to invest in your children’s futures.

I cannot leave the final newsletter with saying how amazing our SAT’s results were this year – some of the highest the school have ever had.  This goes hand in hand with thanking all the teachers and support staff who go, every day, that extra mile to support your children.

I am looking forward to spending time with my family over the holidays and I hope you will take time with your families to enjoy it also.  I look forward to welcoming you back on 4th September.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

Mr A Bennett