Paris Trip – Day 3




Parc Astérix!!!!

The pupils woke this morning with a spring in their step and were super excited for the day ahead.
After being handed their Official OMS French Trip Tour T-shirts, they piled downstairs for another hearty breakfast. The journey to the theme park was quick as the traffic was good and “en route” the pupils entertained each other with stories of theme parks around the world.
We arrived just as the park opened and after organising into groups based on which rides our pupils wanted to do, we headed into the wonderful world of Astérix.




The weather today was perfect for a day at a theme park, warm but not too sunny, and the pupils impressed us all with their willingness to push their boundaries and challenge themselves.
The rides were excellent with Zeus, Goudurix and Osiris coming out as clear favourites for the more adventurous and Pegasus, Discobelix, the dolphin show, the Romans vs Gauls extravaganza and the Menhir Express favourites for those feeling less courageous.
The pupils were bought a tasty lunch before we hit the park once again.
The wonderful day came to an end when the park closed at 5.30pm and the pupils returned to the campus a-buzz with stories of how scared they had been and which ride they liked most.
Dinner was followed by an evening out on the sports field expending the last of their almost inexhaustible energy.