Paris Trip Day 2



The day started bright and early followed by a healthy, continental breakfast. After filling up on croissants, cereal and orange juice, we piled onto the coach to set off for the authentic French market, Brie- Comte-Robert.

The market, located near a partially ruined fortification, gave our pupils their first chance to use their improving French as well as their first chance to spend their parents’ hard-earned cash.

Pupils bought presents, hats, food and the obligatory plastic Eiffel Towers!

The next item on the agenda was the beautiful medieval town of Provins where we walked around looking at the ramparts, battlements and Gothic and Romanesque architecture.

To help cool down, we descended en-masse to a very small ice-cream parlour to buy “des glaces”.



Before leaving Provins, we sat down to watch a fantastic medieval spectacular, featuring jousting knights on horses, sword fights and orcs.

Finally, we stopped by a supermarket to stock up on sweets and drinks before heading back to the campus for a tasty dinner and evening games.