Non-uniform day

We are always asked by students to help support their individual passions by holding bake sales and fundraisers in school.  I was approached yesterday by some young ladies in year 8 who wished to both celebrate the upcoming Royal Wedding and raise a little money for the Prince and his new brides chosen charities.

Prince Harry is patron of lots of Charites, including the ‘Invictus Games Foundation’, and Megan has been a global ambassador for ‘World Vision’ for two years.

We are inviting learners to ‘get in the mood’ of the royal wedding by wearing something red, white or blue on Friday this week.  This is not compulsory and it does not have to be an ‘outfit’ but can be an accessory or even just a face painted flag.

We are suggesting that those students who do wear something bring a small donation to be given to the Prince and Princesses’ charities.

On another charity note, the World Book Day in March was cancelled by school due to all the snow.  Unbelievably considering the weather some 8 weeks after!!!

We are aware that some learners purchased costumes and we wished to celebrate and combine our commitment to reading by reorganising the World Book Day celebrations on the same day we officially open our new Library.

The date of the official Library opening is Friday June 8th and we will have lots of reading and World Book Day celebrations throughout the day that all learners will take part in.

The library will be opened by Mrs Robson, a retired teaching assistant who kept the library going in its various ways for years before the purpose built building was developed.  Mrs Robson’s work in promoting reading and encouraging learners to develop a love of books as well as creating a space for them to do that in school is being recognised by the library’s offical new name: ‘The Robson Library’.  We have invested heavily in the new library, not only in infrastructure, but in thousands of new books, new sofas, reading chairs etc. to create an inviting reading space we hope your children and others will appreciate and love for years to come.

Again we are encouraging, as last year, that children either donate £1 to allow us to purchase more books or to bring a donation of a good condition book to the library that they enjoyed reading and would like others to share.

Thank you for your continued support.