Girls in STEM

On Thursday 15th March, Mrs Norton took 10 girls to St James Park. Not to play football but to partake in the Girls in STEM event, now in its fourth year. The event is organised by Accenture and runs across three UK cities and multiple worldwide locations.

On the day we listened to a range of inspirational speakers across STEM sectors to share their passions and successes. We had the chance to participate in a range of interactive workshops, giving the girls hands-on examples of working in STEM. The event also showcased a number of start-ups and inventions in the Innovation Zone, where the girls got up close and personal with the latest technologies – which they could one day work on or with.

We took part in two workshops:

  • Electronic workshop – Students designed and constructed a wind turbine to produce the greatest amount of electricity.
  • Design thinking workshop – Students were presented with a real-life challenge, working in teams to tackle it. They had to think creatively to come up with ideas, and work collaboratively to identify possible users of their solution, determine how it would be used, and how they would develop the solution further.

All girls represented the school exceptionally well with Evie B and Emily B winning prizes.

Congratulations and well done!