School Closures and Snow? In The Words of Lorenzo Dow….


‘You can and you can’t – You shall and you shan’t – You will and you won’t – And you will be damned if you do – And you will be damned if you don’t.’

Snow closures, and predicting the potential issues, are always very hard, for parents and for staff (who are also parents with children in other schools and often travel long distances to get to school).  So making decisions on safety and opening often has to be done quickly and well in advance to allow people time to plan.  We sometimes get that right, and sometimes wrong.  What ever we do, there will be arguments for both sides.

Can we thank you for your support this morning whilst the car park was only partially open at drop off time.  Most cars followed the ‘new’ one way system and students were kept as safe as possible in a very snowy and slippy car park.

With the predicted forecast and the historic way in which the roads are cleared in the area taken into consideration, we are planning tomorrow in the following way;

  1. Head Teacher will be on site to assess potential safety issues and surrounding roads by no later than 6.30 am.
  2. Bus companies will be contacted and their assessment of if they will send their drivers out will be received.
  3. The school staff will be informed about those decisions by 6.45 am.
  4. The website will be updated by 7 am confirming that the school will be open or any changes to that plan.
  5. The office phones will be staffed from 7.20 am.
  6. The car park will be cleared, at least in part, by 8.30 am.  Please allow us time (it is staff with snow shovels so please be patient) to make the car park as clear as possible and follow any adaptations to the normal drop off arrangements.  Please do not drop children off before this time.
  7. The school doors will be open for all students to go straight into school from 8.30 am.
  8. The school will update any potential early finishes or changes to the school day to parents via the school comms system and the website during the day.

We would request that students wear appropriate shoes and bring in spare socks just in case.  Coats and gloves must be worn.

The school will be planning to be open.  We will only not be able to open for two very clear reasons.

  1. That there are not enough staff capable of getting to school to full fill our safeguarding requirement of pupil / staff ratio numbers.
  2. There is a clear and dangerous safety risk to either staff, pupils or travelling parents posed by either our grounds or the surrounding roads.

We thank you for your understanding.

Should the school be closed we have an obligation (and a desire) to provide work for your children, please see the attached links below to access this work (we will update this this evening and throughout tomorrow as work is provided so if a subject is not there now… it soon will be).

Thank you.  Whilst I write the snow is falling heavily again.  Please drive safe, walk carefully and wrap up warm!

Mr Bennett


Science snow work

Tsunami warning

When will women overtake men

Wind power


KS2 R.E. Task

KS3 R.E. Task


Each year group know what they are working on however, if you wish to give any of these a try, please have a go!

Y7 hand 1 001Y7 hand 2 001Y7 hand 3 001Y7 hand 4 001Y8 figure drawing sheet 1 DifficultY8 figure drawing sheet 2 Simple


ks3 geography

English / Literacy:

Year groups know what they are currently studying however, if you wish to have a go at all of the activities then please do!

Features of Travel

WritingPlanning Sheet

Snow Work

Storyboard Template

Maths / Numeracy: