UNICEF Outright project

All pupils at Ovingham Middle School have had lessons on the extremely important and relevant topic of child refugees, linked to UNICEF UK’s annual Outright project. This is a chance to learn about children’s rights, the ways in which rights are abused, and what we can do to promote children’s rights. The special focus this time has been on the problems associated with families being torn apart by displacement from their homes.
The work by our Key Stage 3 pupils included writing letters about the problems faced by child refugees and how they can be better supported. A selection of these letters were sent to Guy Opperman MP, with pupils’ thoughts on what can be done to help refugee children and their families (we are pleased to say we recently received a reply).
Key Stage 2 pupils were assisted in learning about child refugees by perhaps the most famous refugee of all: Paddington Bear. All Year 5 and Year 6 pupils had PSHE lessons which used Paddington as a way in to exploring the challenges and dangers of being displaced from your home, split up from your own family, and having to make a new life. Thank you to Miss Tyler and 5ET for their eye-catching and insightful wall display which grew out of the Outright project.
The Outright project is a vital part of our work towards becoming a Gold-level Rights Resepcting School, as recognised by UNICEF UK, and encouraging pupils to be global citizens who understand the place of children’s rights in the world and how they can promote those rights. We will be taking place in the project again next time.