School Council: a voice for OMS pupils

The school council is about us having a voice in school and helping make decisions. Every class has reps on the council. It supports us in aiming to be a Gold level Rights Respecting school. This is because it is a great example of making rights like the right to be heard and the right to express our opinions happen in our school.

So far this school year, the school council has discussed and decided on many things to make a school the best place it can be for everyone. We have two meetings every half term, the first one being a full school council meeting and the second one where we split into smaller groups (to discuss, in further detail, key points agreed at the previous meeting).

Some of the main issues discussed include: toilets, food and lunchtimes, the new library, break times, and re-doing the school charter. For example, we wanted some new equipment for break and lunchtimes so Mrs Goodwin has agreed to buy a new football and basketball per class. This is just one example, but there are others.

Recently, three school councillors fed back to the governors. This was useful because, for example, they hadn’t known about some of the things we have been talking about or doing, so it helped them learn more. We explained our own views on some things in school.

Furthermore, school councilors have stood up in assemblies to discuss the ideas that pupils have had and to report back from our meetings. We have recorded pupils’ ideas and discussed how to resolve things in our meetings. Everyone, from Year 5 up to experienced Year 8s, have had their say – and made great suggestions!  

Please visit our school council page under ‘Our School’ for more updates and information.

By Daisy, Mark, Dan and Kate (Year 8 school councilors)