Peter Pan: pantomime visit for Year 8

On Tuesday 5th December, Year 8 went on a reward trip to the amazing Theatre Royal to watch Peter Pan, this year’s pantomime. Peter Pan was played by the brilliant (and very funny) Danny Adams, who is the star of the Theatre Royal pantomime every Christmas.

The story follows the children, Peter Pan and the magical fairy Tinkerbell on their wondrous journey across the magical realm of Neverland. They encounter the evil Captain Hook (and we also meet his crocodile enemy thanks to some very special effects!).  

The pantomime featured many amazing stunts including jumping over fire, limbo and an amazing water-tank stunt. This involved Peter climbing into a tank full of water and being locked in there. Then, in a flash of light he was gone!

The whole performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils. This was due to many different reasons including the hilarious comedy, amazing action and dramatic performance. It’s not to be missed!

By Alfie and Dan (Year 8)