Dear Parents /Carers

Tynedale Community Learning Trust update

We would like to give you an update about the progress of our application to form our proposed Tynedale Community Learning Trust MAT. The Regional Schools Commissioners’ Headteacher Board met on 14 December and stated that they are deferring a decision on the applications of all schools in our proposed Tynedale Community Learning Trust MAT until after the results of the ‘Education in the West of Northumberland’ consultation are known.


Naturally we are disappointed with this deferral but we remain convinced that our vision for the future and our MAT proposal is in the best interests of all our learners. We are determined to ensure that we can achieve ’excellence together’ and will continue to work closely together as a group of schools until such a time where our application can be reconsidered.

We wish everyone a good Christmas break and a happy New Year and thank you for your continued support.