Interfaith week

Last week Year 7 visited the United Hebrew Congregation Synagogue in Gosforth as part of their work on Judaism in R.E lessons. Pupils were given a tour of the synagogue including the kitchen and given a very interesting talk on how Jewish people worshipped in the synagogue as well as how they lived their daily life. Like in a traditional synagogue, the boys and girls were seated separately and the boys covered their heads out of a sign of respect. Some of the boys were allowed to try on the traditional kippah and one lucky boy even got to wear the prayer shawl, hold the Torah and open the Ark. It was a fascinating and informative insight for all pupils.

As part of Interfaith Week – November 2017, our school participated in the following activities:-

  • Visit by Tim Knight from Stocksfield Baptist Church assembly with KS2.
  • Visit by Cloud Singh from the Gurdwara assembly for KS2.
  • Visit from Maggie Perry from the Stocksfield Quakers assembly for KS3.
  • Our school kitchen served Sikh food during Interfaith Week.
  • Visit to a Mosque in Newcastle upon Tyne by Year 8.