Sport Premium

Sport Premium Impact Report

Sports premium is available for KS2 students and is intended to increase participation in sport, having a positive impact on students health and well-being. Ovingham Middle School is currently applying for Sports Mark Gold Status for the fourth year running. We participate in all national and regional competitions and have great success. Our commitment to these events costs the school far more than recorded below. We believe however, that the impact of these competitions, and all the clubs we run, is seen in the motivation our students show and contributes to the well-rounded students we are proud that Ovingham Middle School has. We used Sports Premium money in a variety of ways although much additional budget, taken from main school budget, was also allocated to support and increase the positive effects sport can have on young people.
What did we spend?
Total budget academic year 2015-2016 = £8915
Total number of students eligible = 183


What Funded? Why? Cost in academic year 2015-2016? Impact?
PE. Teacher We have a specialist P.E teacher who has a full time P.E timetable to allow high quality Sports Provision. As she delivers to both KS3 and KS2 we have not allocated any funding from Sports Premium to her Wages however, an allocation for training was given to maintain this high quality provision additional to whole school CPD budget. £250  Success at both local and national competitions. Increased participation at KS2 in clubs. High quality uptake and success at KS3 building on strong foundations. Inclusion Social / emotional. Self-belief and pride
Sports TA 0.5 The school has made the decision to provide KS2 classes with a specialist sports Teaching assistant to support the qualified P.E teacher and encourage participation and motivation. £6,840  Inclusion. Social / emotional. Self-belief and pride. More students taking up clubs and P.E success in competitions local and national. Sports mark gold award application submitted
Travel To support travel to regional competitions. Not all travel costs were allocated to Sports Premium however, some where teams travelled long distances to compete were. £950 Participation in competitions. Increased confidence and support.  Self-belief.  Motivation
Resources to inspire  New club and P.E activities purchased to open up more opportunities for learners to try new things £399. Xtreme Golf  Increased confidence and support. Self-belief. Motivation. Increased sports participation
Coaches  Specialist coaches have been brought in to train either the teachers or the students. Golf and Cricket coaches were accessed last year. £195  County champions in cricket, football and numerous successes in local competitions and festivals.
Supply Cover At times cover is required to allow the PE teacher to follow the team to participate in a competition. Whilst not every supply cost is included here some sports funding was used to enable KS 2 events to take place.  12 days @ £145 = £1750 Specialist support and motivation for the team taking part. Success at local and national competitions.
Sports for all sports day  A sports day for KS2 where all students took part in the sports day. The aim was to motivate and inspire all students and to provide a competition that was not just for elite athletes. £250 Inclusion. Self-development. Engagement