Term Dates and holidays

Term Dates

Holiday or occasion of closure Date on which school will close Date on which school will assemble
Teacher Day Monday 5th and Tuesday 6 September 2016 Wednesday 7th September
October Mid-Term 2016


Friday 21st October 2016


Monday 31st October 2016


Teacher Day  Friday 28th October   


Christmas/New Year 2016/2017


Friday 16th December 2016


 Tuesday 3rd January 2017




Spring Mid-Term 2017


Friday 17th February 2017


Monday 27th February 2017


Teacher Day


Friday 24th February 2017
Friday 7th April 2017


Easter 2017


Thursday 6th April 2017


Monday 24th April 2017


May Day  


Monday 1st May 2017


Tuesday 2nd May 2017


Summer Mid-Term 2017


Friday 26th May  2017


Monday 5th June 2017


Summer 2017


Friday 21st July 2017


Tuesday 5th September 2017



Holiday Listing 2016-2017


Please note if you plan to take your child out of school during term time that there is a new holiday request form to fill in.

Your holiday request will be reviewed by the Head teacher and you will receive a letter explaining whether the absence will be registered as authorised or unauthorised.

In terms of other any other pre-planned absence please either notify the school office on 01661 833 215 or leave a note in your child’s homework planner.


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