Any Old Iron(s)!?

Any Old Iron(s)!?

The OMS Golf Club is going from strength to strength with the club now expanded to two lunch times a week to accommodate demand.  We are even considering another lunch club for those young golfers who have a little more experience of playing.

The problem with success is that it comes at a price.  Despite purchasing some clubs and then some very generous donations we are limited to how many people can come due to a lack of clubs.

We are desperately looking for any clubs, chipping nets etc… that we can use.  For most of our learners we use ‘almost golf balls’ which fly the same but are lighter however, some of our better golfers do use real balls, at present we have a good store of these due to another generous donation.

The ultimate aim is to purchase some driving nets to allow fuller swing practice for some of our more able golfers.

If you, or you know anyone who, can help this club keep growing please contact Mr Bennett directly.

The club is there to let our young people try and experience golf in a safe and fun environment.  We always promote going along to a local club for experienced PGA coaching to improve their game.  If you have any links with local clubs and have any information we can pass onto our learners please contact the school.

Thank you!


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