Stocksfield Bus Issue

Stocksfield Bus Issue

Parents of children on the Stocksfield bus, using Nightingale Coaches, will be aware that it did not collect the students this morning due to it being snow bound in Consett.

The school were made aware of the intended non collection at 8.30am this morning.  By 8.40 the school had made contact with the coach company to establish if another bus was going to replace them, informed County of the issue and had contacted all parents informing them that alternative transport needed to be arranged for their children.

At 8.45 we received news that another bus (despite being informed that none were available) would be replacing the original one and that that would be arriving at around 9 am.  We informed parents again immediately that this would be happening for those who had already left for work and were attempting to come back for their children.

As the temperature was very cold and it was raining heavily, Mr Bennett, accompanied, went to drive the route of the bus to either collect learners that were not in any shelter or advise them to get into the nearest should they be stood rigidly to the collection point.

All learners that should have been on the bus were accounted for by 9.20 am.

We have made a complaint that the bus company should have informed us well before 8.30 as they knew from much earlier that their busses would not be doing any collections. We could have therefore contacted parents earlier.

We have also been asked by County to remind parents that parents are responsible for seeing their children safely onto the busses and that if a bus fails to attend that they are adequately supervised.

Parents have already been informed that the bus company will collect from school tonight at its usual time and no alternative arrangements need to be made by parents.

If you feel that we could, as a school, have responded or reacted in a swifter or more proactive way please let us know.  We are always keen to improve our systems to safe guard our learners and keep parents informed.

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