French Trip 2017 – Final Letter

French Trip 2017 – Final Letter

19th May 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian

I am writing to confirm the final arrangements for the French Trip. Pupils should arrive at school no earlier than 22.30. We intend to depart no later than 23.00. The coach will park in the bay closest to the fence – please keep this area clear at all times. Enter school through the Gym doors and check in with your child’s group leader. Pupils must wait here until directed to go out to the bus.

Please ensure your children have with them the following:

• A medium sized lockable suitcase containing enough clothes for 5 days, a hand towel for daily use, toiletry items, sun cream and a hat, hairdryer/straighteners, adaptors, chargers etc

• A small rucksack/daybag containing everything they will need for the journey, e.g. pillow/cushion, travel sickness tablets, magazine/book, DVDs (age appropriate) to watch on the journey, MP3 player/handheld console, a non-fizzy drink,

• A packed lunch for the following day, to eat en route to Paris. This should, ideally be in a clearly labeled disposable bag and be given to the child’s group leader prior to departure. It will be kept cool in the hold of the coach.

• All medicines should be put in an envelope and clearly labeled with your child’s name, dosage and frequency of dosage. These should be handed personally to the child’s group leader prior to departure. N.B. Pupils who use inhalers should keep one with them at all times.

On arrival back in the UK on Friday 26th May I shall ring school with our approximate arrival time in Ovingham. You can find this out by checking the website ( or by ringing the school after 2.30 pm. You can also ring the Message line number on 08444 457 397 to check on any delays.

Thank you for supporting this trip. In case of an emergency over the weekend before we go, Mrs Ellison can be contacted on 07542 100 386.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

Yours sincerely

Mrs D Ellison
Trip Coordinator

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